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Special order

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You are interested in our collection of furniture but our models are too small or too big? The colors do not blend seamlessly with your interior? You like our furniture, but you want they have a more modern style?

We have the solution: all the furniture of the Richelieu collection are customizable upon special order:

  • size (height, width and depth) at your convenience
  • finishes, color shades and lacquers used according to your choice
  • choice of wood (natural oak defibred for example)
  • choice of table top: diamond shaped interlocking, circular interlocking, solid board or parqueted…
  • moldings: Louis-Philippe, Héritage, Louis XV, Regency, Directoire
  • diamond table legs: Louis Philippe (foot sword), Héritage, Directoire (with and without hoof), Louis XVI, Regency, Louis-Philippe…

Do not hesitate to contact us to explain what you want by using the following email form: